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To Shoot or Not to Shoot

For those interested in just the numbers… to keep it simple

Session fees start at $250

You can also specify your budget below during booking
*More details/discussion opportunities after booking

Scroll Down if you’re ready to connect and book our session
It’s alright if you’re not. I don’t mind just hanging out either

But, if you care more about the experience and memories we’ll gain from our session, read on to see what it can look like

Session Experience:

We never stress
We are never serious
We do ALWAYS have fun though… hopefully!

In a nutshell it’s about 30 minutes of serious shooting
The rest of the time we’ll walk and talk about life, love, goals, troubles, adventures, the future, our past, #alltheabove
Because hey, I want to invest myself in your life more than have a simple picture of you.

We’re here to make memories for the both of us
Pictures are just the icing on the cake


  1. Meet up at designated starting location
  2. Walk and talk aimlessly for about 20 minutes
    • Proceed to question if we are going to start shooting anytime soon
      You: “Where are we going?”
      Me: “I have no idea… I’m just following you”
  3. At some point we get to shooting, hopefully have some fun (if I don’t suck at what I do)
    • Fair Warning: If it’s over 70 degrees out I might sweat on you
  4. We walk… a lot
    • we will shoot and walk, walk and talk… it’s a good time
  5. Grab some food (optional if you hate me)
    • or go our separate ways if we are busy **insert sad face**
  6. Same day, I send a link to your password protected Quick Proofs gallery, where you can review our photo session at your own pace.
  7. You select all the images you want edited
    • photo count discussed after booking our session
  8. I edit selected photos (a fairly quick turnaround I’d say)
  9. Then I will forward a DropBox link to our session folders containing the final edited images
    • you can download and use at your own discretion.
  10. We set up another shoot ASAP Rocky, cause you’re awesome!

Hope to see yo soon!

Lets go have fun creating
amazing memories together

Three Quick Steps

  1. Choose our session date
  2. Fill out the quick form so we can pencil you in on the calendar
  3. Check your email! An automated message with session info will be coming your way

Can’t wait to poke my nose
in your life and become friends!

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