your motivational photographer
making at least one person smile every day

What has been making
you smile lately?

A question I constantly ask myself
Because I consider a smile is much deeper than just the physical action
More importantly, a smile can open your world up to endless possibilities

Strangers Today | Friends Tomorrow

All it takes is a simple “Hi…”

I am on a personal journey to connect
Trying to connect with incredible souls
Learning from passionate people
Living a life I can be proud of

Come join me and have some fun

Hi, the name is Marcus Lewis, if you haven’t gathered already
Welcome to my fun photography world

I would love for you to be part of my process!

I’m an ’86 baby, who doesn’t actually know what he’s doing with a camera, maybe…
But I do loves to take pictures and learn what makes you tic

You are the reason I do this
I want to get to know the side of you
 people rarely get to see

Spending hours laughing, talking about life, and joking while shooting for 20 minutes is a growing motto of mine.
My goal is to get us both out of our own heads.

Lose all insecurities and do away with any type of fear of being in front or behind the camera.

We are here to grow together as people.
We are here to break out of your shell and have fun while still capturing your true essence in every picture.

If we don’t leave as friends at the end of our shoot, I must have done something wrong

…but seriously, come play with me. Lets create some amazing photos together

Portraits & Fashion Photography



Landscape & Travel Photography



  • Photography - vsmarcuslewis

    • The Photo Story

      I had my first taste of photography back in high school
      Watching friends play with film photography

      But, photography was definitely not something that clicked in my head yet

      A taste is a taste though…
      Later down the road, I still did not grasp the art of it all …
      “what is being creative?” Questioning it all!

      But I took those photography classes in college hoping to change my perspective…
      I definitely ended up learning a bit about the technical aspects of things

      The seed started to grow into a small hobby

      A few years later, I picked up landscapes and nature photography
      Diving deeper into the technical side of photography

      Things I learned in college started coming back to me
      Along side a few 100 hours of YouTube tutorials… I was a mad genius

      Although I was able to take decent images…
      There was a significant lack of meaning or storytelling to my work

      A picture is only a picture until it means something to you

      Practice had definitely paid off
      The constant self critiquing
      Pushing myself to keep expanding my comfort zones

      It all makes a bit more sense

      This is where YOU came in…

      YOU are the reason my photography as well as myself have developed into what we are today
      YOU are the reason I write the way I do
      YOU are the reason I think the way I do

      and I thank YOU…

      ** A love note to YOU**
      ** A love note to myself**

      Come be part of my story

  • Front-end Web Development - varietystudios

    • I am also the web development half of Variety Studios (VS)
      A CEO of sorts
      A WordPress Consultant, magic man … you get the idea

      We are a creative design studio
      Specializing in design and web development

      Founded back in ’09, with Randy Hadzor
      An idea of doing anything and everything creative, turned to reality

      Because being your own boss is everyone’s end goal right?
      So what not make it the only option

      With backgrounds in graphic design, we set out to create custom graphics for clients
      Taking on branding work
      Creating fliers and marketing materials, things just kept growing

      I took on the task of teaching myself HTML, CSS, and jQuery
      Over time being a dangerous enough with coding to build custom websites for people
      Adding this as services helped provide better value to potential and existing customers

      They can have their branding and complete website package all-in-one

      We mastered the art of saying yes to everything
      Pushing the needle of progress forward while developing the business

      The push worked
      We started making enough waves to be seen by a few digital marketing agencies
      Things started to pick up and an incredible path for the company started piecing itself together

      Now we work with several marketing agencies, a few small and large businesses
      We set out to create unique branding and website solutions for each and every one of them
      Allowing our client to broaden their online presence and hit target goals

      W are definitely here to help
      Feel free to visit our website for more information and to get samples of our work.

      The sky’s the limit, lets make your ideas a reality!