Sunsets with Lollipops - The Travel/Lifestyle Photography Journey of Photographer Marcus Lewis

Sunsets with Lollipops

We really don’t need to travel far and wide to capture photographs that speak to us. It could be as simple as taking a walk in your neighborhood park, or even your backyard. We need to start viewing our surroundings in their most intimate forms, up close and personal, finding the romantic details of every scene. Eventually it’s easy to find any type of beauty to capture with our cameras.

It doesn’t always have to be about the big picture. Lets try to tell an elegant story with as little information in an image as possible.

So I went out with this in mind as I walked around Syracuse Reservoir during an awesome sunset. The colors through the sky reflected so nicely through the dandelions growing in the fields. Crouching down real close to the ground allowed me to enjoy an insects perspective on life. Makes you realize how small we are in this big world.

Enjoy the extra set of images to go along with the adventure we had on the hills.

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