Manhattan: The City of Gotham - The Travel/Lifestyle Photography Journey of Photographer Marcus Lewis

Manhattan: The City of Gotham

I suppose you can say this shot was on my “bucket list.” A shot we’ve all seen millions of times. It’s pretty easy to find (Located in Dumbo Brooklyn along the pier), but 100% doesn’t matter how many are out there. This one is mine! Allll mine!

But seriously, I traveled down to Brooklyn specifically for this type of long exposure shot of Manhattan. It was the first time I’ve visited this spot after finding out it existed a few weeks before. Timing seemed so perfect though. There were just enough cloud cover that would allow me to capture some amazing streaks without blowing it out of proportion.

Looking back, I totally would change a few things, as I was just learning how to use my 16mm FujiFilm lens, but I’m still 100% stoked about my results.

Enjoy the extra photos I took on my adventures there.

You can also check out the Phoenix of Manhattan variation.

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