Brooklyn Love Locks - A Journey into Travel Photography with Photographer Marcus Lewis

Brooklyn Love Locks

Took a stroll around Brooklyn Bridge Park as part of my travel photography practice, to take some photographs of the area before attending my first *Instameet. The meet started right in Pebble Beach next to the Manhattan Bridge. It was such a great experience, tons of talented photographers joined in on the fun. Seeing how many photographers and models came together to collaborate on new ideas was extremely inspirational.

But, like I mentioned, I was able to capture a few photos before everything became so crowded. This set of Love Locks were located right on the peer, where you’ll also find an up close and personal view of the Manhattan cityscape. Unfortunately though, you wont be finding these Love Locks anymore. They’ve been removed, due to what I’m assuming is the same weight issues Pont des Arts had back in 2015.

Even without the Love Locks, Brooklyn Bridge Park is still a place to for everyone, especially for travel photographers visiting from out of town. There are outstanding views, fun people, and an incredible atmosphere. You’d be hard-pressed not to capture something amazing. So if you’re ever traveling or in the area, this is a must visit spot.

Interested in meeting up with fellow photographers? Check out a few Instagram hubs, or meetup groups in your area for announcements. This is also a great if you’re into travel photography and want to meet locals in areas you’re unfamiliar with.

So get to planning, and enjoy your adventures!

*Instameet: Gatherings put on by popular Instagram feature hubs in order to build a communities of like-minded individuals and creatives.

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