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Web Designers Guide to a Successful Business Website

The Designer’s Guide to a Successful Business Website by Nicole Foster on Graphic Design Blender

As a freelance web designer I’ve noticed it’s fairly hard to pay attention, in the same capacity, to the design, marketing and business aspect of your company website. You’ll find yourself knowing more about one area than the other making your end goals a bit difficult to reach. There’s always room for improvement and ways to get more out of your company by taking a few essential steps while creating your website.

There’s so many different details web designers need to know about while building websites in order for them to be seen across the web with all browsers and devices. If we don’t stay on top of the old, new and possible future trends there will most definitely be faults in the website.

A complete website will have unique content and images, proper coding techniques to improve SEO results, knowledge of their target audience and so much more. I want to share an article I found on Graphic Design Blender written by Nicole Foster, outlining what a business will need to create a successful business website.

“Every web site has a purpose. And when designing web sites that are meant to generate business and income for a company, it’s especially important to do it well.”

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