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Create a Textured Web Design in Photoshop

Create a Light Textured Web Design in Photoshop by Ionut Ciursa on Design Instruct

Do you ever get stuck designing a new website layout? Do you have trouble getting started on a web design? Are you knew to web design and trying to put your finger on where to begin or how things will look once finished? No worries, there’s plenty of tutorials on the web you’ll be able to get your hands on in order to hone your web designs skills.

You’ll notice many web layout tutorials are using Photoshop in order to create unique and stylish web designs. You may ask why that is, and it’s plain and simple. Adobe Photoshop is flexible and user-friendly enough to create every little nook and cranny of your site. From gradients, to 1px line dividers to shadowing and background glows. The vast layer and filter systems makes things a bit easier on us designers.

To showcase some of the features Photoshop can do for you as a web designer we go to Design Instruct where Ionut Ciursa writes an amazing tutorial taking us step by step through creating a web layout with subtle textures and well structured design using the 960 Grid System.

“In this web design tutorial, we’ll be creating a light textured web page layout. I will show you how apply subtle textures in web layouts, how to create a seamless diagonal mosaic pattern and how to create a tabbed content area design for the “Services” section.”

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