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14 Beautiful Websites Designed in WordPress

14 Beautiful Websites Designed in WordPress by Julio A Rivera on Underworld Magazine

WordPress isn’t just for bloggers anymore. You’re not restricted to standard layouts or boring website designs. The creativity and uniqueness is only limited by yourself. As long as you have a creative mind and good grasp on design, you can build an incredible website that stands out in the crowd.

A good and easy place to get inspiration is online. Look around for different types of websites other designers and companies are creating and see the capabilities of WordPress. For now we’ll take a look at this list of beautiful WordPress websites on Underworld Magazine put together by Julio A Rivera.

“WordPress has change the way designers start creating their website. Easy to update your work, content, and just about everything on your website. I have been using wordpress for about 4 years now and feel it’s a great starting point for designers who want to keep their website up to date without having to visit the HTML or CSS.”

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