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5 Unique HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Experiments

5 Unique HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Experiments on Syropia Labs by Collin Henderson

Books and online tutorials and great when studying new coding languages such as HTML, CSS or jQuery. They give you exercises to complete which provide a round up of the major elements studied in each chapter. Many people will move onto the next section hoping to finish and learn as much as possible in a short period of time. A good thing to do is re-read the section and come up with your own exercise to incorporate what you’ve just learned.

By doing this you’ll have a better understanding on how things work since you’re not following exact step by step directions. I recommend this because I believe troubleshooting is an incredible way to learn and keep information for next time.

Collin Henderson of Syropia Labs does a great job creating some HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery experiments to practice his coding techniques. He showcases 5 experiments, all with downloadable files and demo page for us to practice and learn from as well.

“Though I’ve always hosted my experimental CSS3 and Jquery projects on this domain, I’ve been toying around with the idea of having a home page for it, to keep them nice and organized. I spent a couple days in Photoshop, and about a half a day in TextMate and this was the result.

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