The Ever-Greens - The Travel/Lifestyle Photography Journey of Photographer Marcus Lewis

The Ever-Greens

Many times it doesn’t even matter where you end up on your travels. If you look around you can easily find gorgeous scenery to take some photos of. We end up online most of the time thinking we have to travel far and wide for those incredible locations, forgetting there’s plenty to see in our own backyard.

Lake Placid is one of those places. Amazing rolling hills, nice road side places to stop off to get nature photography shots. There’s streams, rivers, and lakes all over the place. You’d be hard-pressed not to create some stunning images in a place like this.

Just remember, the grass is always greener wherever you decided to water it. Lets not spend all our time fantasizing over needing those far a wide travel vacations, when we haven’t exhausted on closer options.

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