No Time like the Present to Take Photos - The Travel/Lifestyle Photography Journey of Photographer Marcus Lewis

No Time like the Present to Take Photos

They say it’s hard to capture a good photo midday when there’s so much harsh light. Who’s to judge really? Who makes the rules? I say you do! It’s your art, don’t let the next person tell you how it’s suppose to look.

I got to test this theory out in Dumbo Brooklyn. Met up with a friend to take some photos around 12pm, sun shinning, almost no clouds in the sky, but who cares … photography is about having fun and the enjoyment of capturing moments.

We have to remember, moments do not only happen at dusk to sunset, or golden hour. Yes, lights kisses surfaces at the perfect angle during these hours, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only times we’re able to create incredible or memorable images.

So take your camera out wherever and whenever you feel. There’s millions of people out there who will love your style and perspective so don’t worry about the ones that don’t.

Take a look at the extra images from the test to see what fun you can have if you forget about what other people think are good images or not.

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