Marcus Lewis: Playing with Travel and Lifestyle Photography

Marcus Lewis Self Portrait Headshot using FujiFilm X-Pro2

ME – Marcus Lewis – Hi

New York

I have a photography goal to dive as deep into travel photography as I can. To share my vision and perspective while I walk through as many locations as I can travel to. It has been a goal of mine to spend more time outside, taking photos, instead of sitting in front of my computer 95% of the time. Photography has been a great way to stay active, get some fresh air, and clear my head. On top of it all, the process of exploring new photography styles, and learning more about myself has been amazing.

Join me on my photo adventures! If you ever want to link up for a shoot or collaborate on anything, send me a message on social accounts using the links in the footer, email directly (, or by phone (914.573.4135).

Also feel free to shoot me an email if there are any image(s) you’re interested in getting printed or if you would like to purchase a digital copy of any image here on the site or on my Instagram, we’ll see what we can do for ya!

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    • Had my first taste of photography back when I was young. A little wee’lad if you will. Watching friends play around with film cameras in photography class. It was amazing to see what they can do, and the dark room seemed like tons of fun. Later down the road, I ended up playing with a friends canon film camera while in college. But, it wasn’t until graduating it all grew into a serious hobby of mine.

      The hobby started out with a Canon Powershot g9, which did right by me for a couple years, until I decided to test out my first canon interchangeable lens system. A Canon Rebel XTi with the 17-40mm and 70-300mm lenses, made me feel like a big boy now. In all seriousness, I fell in love with the decision.

      Though, before I knew the type of photographer I was/wanted to be, my camera body grew into a Canon 5D MarkIII and the 50mm 1.8 (just because). The 50mm really helped me focus to get a better shot than a snapshot, I couldn’t recommend the challenge enough! Shooting with one prime lens on the MarkIII made me realize the system was too large for my leisurely walks/studies, so I did some research, starting to gravitate towards the Fuji system. BEST DECISION EVVVEERRRRRR!

      My first choice was the x100t because it fit in my pocket so nicely. I learned a lot about my style with that camera, still have it, still love it.

      Once Fuji came out with the X Pro-2, I picked one up with a 16mm and a 56mm lens. This is the first full system I’ve owned, and I love the quality I’m getting in all my images. Can’t wait to keep shooting and see how far this all goes!

      So much to learn, so many personal obstacles to concur. I’m ready!

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    • I’m the development half of Variety Studios (VS). CEO, WordPress Consultant, big boss, magic man … you get the idea. We’re a creative design studio, specializing in design and web development, founded back in ’09, with Randy Hadzor. Working with our clients, and several marketing agencies, we set out to create unique branding and website solutions allowing each client to broaden their online presence as a company.

      We collaborate with large and small companies, as well as marketing agencies in need of extra hands on deck when any overflow of work comes in. Feel free to visit our site to contact us if interested in collaborating on a project, or want to receive samples of our work.

      The sky’s the limit, lets make your ideas a reality!

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